How to Prepare for Vietnam Furniture Fair: A- Z Tips at HawaExpo 2024

Getting ready for the Vietnam Furniture Fair at HawaExpo 2024? You’re in the right place. Our A-Z guide is your essential companion for comprehensive preparation. From booth setup and visitor engagement to networking and post-event strategies, we’ve got you covered.

Maximize your success at this important event with our expert tips and ensure your participation is a game-changer for your presence in the dynamic furniture industry.


The importance of preparing for a Furniture Fair

Participating in furniture fairs is a fundamental aspect of many companies’ marketing strategies. These events enable manufacturers to demonstrate their expertise and promote their unique branding to a diverse international audience, including potential buyers who are attracted by the latest offerings. Such participation can significantly increase brand visibility, improve customer engagement, and drive sales growth in export markets.

Therefore, meticulous preparation for a furniture fair is of utmost importance. Below are some tips from HawaExpo for exhibitors attending such events.

Pre-Event Planning

Choose the right exhibition/fair

In the context of the furniture industry in Vietnam, thorough research plays a pivotal role in your journey. Commencing your preparations, it is imperative to make a well-informed choice when selecting an exhibition or fair to participate in. This decision holds the key to the success of your involvement, as it directly situates you in front of your target audience.

Exhibitions vary significantly in terms of attendee demographics, industry specialization, and geographical reach. Choosing the right one aligns seamlessly with your business objectives, guaranteeing meaningful interactions with potential clients, partners, and influential figures within the industry. Furthermore, the quality of attendees, the relevance of sessions, and the potential for business expansion further underscore the importance of making a discerning selection.

Overlooking the importance of choosing the appropriate fair can result in missed opportunities, squandered resources, and a decline in brand prominence. In the dynamic landscape of furniture exhibitions, discovering the ideal platform to showcase your brand and products is of paramount significance.

If you’re in search of a Furniture Fair in Vietnam, look no further than HawaExpo 2024. This event promises to be the largest and most comprehensive furniture fair in the country, offering a remarkable platform for businesses.

Pre-Event Planning: Choose the right exhibition/fair - How to Prepare for the Vietnam Furniture Fair
Pre-Event Planning: Choose the right exhibition/fair – How to Prepare for the Vietnam Furniture Fair

With its extensive lineup of exhibitors, diverse product offerings, and a global audience of buyers and visitors, HawaExpo 2024 is the ideal destination to explore the latest trends and innovations in the furniture industry while forging valuable connections. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of Vietnam’s premier furniture exhibition.

Set a Reasonable Budget

During your planning, budgeting would have been a pivotal component, possibly established well in advance. This budget provides clarity on which events are financially feasible and aids in aligning your plans.

Exhibiting, especially for first-timers, can come with unexpected costs. While you might anticipate initial expenses like the stand’s price, there are additional hidden costs to consider during preparation.

Should your primary goal be gaining visibility and brand recognition, then these costs might be allocated from your marketing budget. However, if you’re aiming for a quick return on investment, it’s essential to scrutinize all associated expenses closely.

Below are 6 main types of expenses you should be aware of when participating in a furniture fair in Vietnam:

  • Booth rental fees.
  • Utility expenses, including electricity and water if both are used, which will be charged by the organizers.
  • Booth design costs, which vary depending on the design model and approach chosen by each exhibitor.
  • Construction deposit fees: You will receive a refund of the deposit once the exhibition concludes.
  • Construction expenses: This cost is variable and depends on factors such as the booth’s design model, size, and construction materials used. Smaller booth sizes and simpler materials generally result in lower costs.
  • Additional expenses such as security fees, badges, or personnel management.

These expenses should be carefully considered and budgeted for when planning your participation in a furniture fair in Vietnam, ensuring a successful and cost-effective exhibition.


Pre-event marketing: Promote your participation in HawaExpo through various channels. Utilize social media platforms, email marketing, your website, and industry-specific forums to create awareness and generate excitement about your presence at the event. Consider offering incentives or exclusive offers to attract visitors to your booth.

Prepare your marketing materials for the furniture fair. Ensure you have an ample supply of business cards, brochures, product sheets, and other promotional materials. It’s essential to be well-equipped, so if an attendee requests more information or a way to contact you, you’re prepared and can provide them with the necessary materials. This step is crucial in making the most of your participation in the fair.

Marketing materials for the furniture fair - How to Prepare for Vietnam Furniture Fair
Marketing materials for the furniture fair – How to Prepare for Vietnam Furniture Fair

Accommodation and travel arrangements

If you are traveling from outside the exhibition’s location, make appropriate arrangements for accommodation and transportation for your staff members attending the event. Plan and book in advance to secure the best options and rates.

Additionally, consider reaching out to the event organizer as they may offer discount benefits for participants who book through them. This proactive approach will help streamline your logistics and enhance your overall experience at the fair.

Evaluate success criteria

Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of your participation in HawaExpo. This could include metrics such as the number of leads generated, sales closed, partnerships formed, or brand exposure achieved. Establish a plan to evaluate your performance against these goals and make necessary adjustments for future exhibitions.

By carefully planning and executing these pre-event activities, you can maximize your chances of success at HawaExpo and make the most out of your exhibition experience.

Planning During HawaExpo

HR allocation/assignment

Effective HR allocation/assignment during an exhibition is a strategic imperative for any business participating in such events. These professionals are responsible for showcasing the company’s products and services, explaining design concepts and features to potential clients, and providing valuable insights into the furniture industry.

Their expertise and interpersonal skills are crucial in attracting visitors to the booth, engaging them in meaningful conversations, and ultimately converting leads into customers.

Planning During HawaExpo: HR allocation/assignment - How to Prepare for Vietnam Furniture Fair
Planning During HawaExpo: HR allocation/assignment – How to Prepare for Vietnam Furniture Fair

HR allocation ensures that the right personnel with in-depth knowledge of the furniture on display are available to answer questions and address inquiries from attendees.

Additionally, they can assist in arranging meetings with prospective clients, making product presentations, and representing the company’s brand values. In essence, HR allocation at a furniture fair is essential for creating a positive and productive exhibition experience, which can result in increased sales and brand recognition in the furniture industry.


Take advantage of the opportunity to network with other exhibitors, industry professionals, and potential business partners. Build relationships, exchange information, and explore potential collaborations or partnerships.

Simultaneously, attendees, including interior designers, architects, and industry enthusiasts, can network with exhibitors to stay updated on the latest trends, source new products, and gain insights into the ever-evolving world of furniture design and manufacturing. Whether you’re showcasing your products or exploring the latest innovations, networking at a furniture fair plays an essential role in driving growth and innovation within the industry.

Planning During HawaExpo: Networking - How to Prepare for Vietnam Furniture Fair
Planning During HawaExpo: Networking – How to Prepare for Vietnam Furniture Fair

Capture feedback and insights

Engage in conversations with visitors to gather feedback and insights about your products, services, or overall brand perception. This feedback can be valuable in enhancing your offerings and identifying areas for improvement.

Social media presence

Utilize social media platforms to share updates, photos, and highlights from the event. Use event-specific hashtags to increase your visibility and engage with attendees online. This can also help drive traffic to your booth and encourage post-event interactions.

After HawaExpo

After the HawaExpo event, the most important and relevant actions and strategies include:


After the event, follow up with the leads you collected during the exhibition. Send personalized emails, make phone calls, or schedule meetings to maintain the connection and convert leads into customers or partners. Prompt and professional follow-up is crucial to capitalize on the leads generated.

Prioritize prompt and personalized follow-up with the leads you collected during the exhibition to convert them into customers or partners.

Feedback Analysis

Analyze feedback and insights from visitors to identify areas for improvement and refine your products, services, and marketing strategies.

Networking Continuation

Maintain contact with industry professionals, exhibitors, and potential partners through platforms like LinkedIn to explore collaboration opportunities.

These actions directly impact your post-event success by helping you capitalize on leads, improve your offerings, and build valuable industry relationships.

Discover more:

Networking Continuation - How to Prepare for Vietnam Furniture Fair
Networking Continuation – How to Prepare for Vietnam Furniture Fair

Comprehensive Exhibitor Services at HawaExpo 2024: Your Online PDF Resource Guide

We have assembled a variety of resources to make your preparations smoother. These are all available on our website. You can find everything from the full Exhibitor Manual—which includes all the essential regulations and useful advice—to specific forms detailing various services like booth construction, furniture rental, and more.

Within our resources:

  1. ‘Form 1 – Overtime Security Service’ offers guidelines for exhibitors requiring security services beyond regular expo hours.
  2. ‘Form 2 – Commitment of Booth self construction’ gives details about self-constructing your booth and worker pass purchases.
  3. ‘Form 3 – Booth building up service registration’ explains how to engage an outside contractor for booth assembly.
  4. ‘Form 4 – Services Registration – Upgraded Standard Booth’ can help if you’re looking to make your booth stand out by upgrading it.
  5. ‘Form 5 – Services registration – Working Overtime’ is for anyone who needs to extend their service hours.
  6. ‘Form 6 – Electrical Rental’ explains the options for your stand’s electricity needs.
  7. ‘Form 7 – Furniture Rental’ shows you a range of furniture rental options to enhance your booth’s look and functionality.

Get your preparation off to a solid start by heading to our Exhibitor Service page, where you can download the above resources and more.

Preparing for blooming yourself in such festive events like HawaExpo 2024 requires careful planning and attention to detail. By following the A – Z tips provided in this guide on “How to prepare for the Vietnam furniture fair“, exhibitors can maximize their success at the event. From booth setup and engaging with visitors to networking and post-event follow-up, these strategies will help participants make the most of this valuable business opportunity.

We present the above guidelines to assist you in better preparing for the Vietnam Furniture Fair. You can adjust your approach according to your business’s capabilities to achieve the best possible results.

Don’t miss out on the chance to showcase your products and expand your market presence in the dynamic furniture industry by adequately preparing for this exciting event.

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