Achieving consistent quality takes hard work, dedication and great people. These are what made Savimex and their young brand – The Moho Furniture achieve strong branding recognition whether in the US or EU.

Behind the compromising quality since 1985

It’s astonishing to find out how 12 division factories of Savimex in Vietnam keep the same high environmental standards within a few housekeeping staff. Inside their factories, each step has been professionally organized, no further. Mr. Song Jung Hong – Savimex’s production director then, shed light on our concern while leading us through their modern manufacturing line: “Here, humans are our core. Ensuring the best input is the strong foundation for the best output. We simply believe the lighting keeps us bright eyes on details, bright minds on the finest quality and more than that, and for the safe working environment.”



A high level of workplace hygiene and organization are proactively ensured by Savimex workers

This workplace is not just a place of labor, it’s where creativity and innovation are integrated. Annually, their engineering team and each function are not only able to apply new techniques, quickly adapt to modern machines but also proactively share their initiatives for better productivity. Up to now, 8 improvising versions can be found in their library. Not just a book, it’s a priceless treasure that speaks of the healthy culture that all companies aim for. The pride is transparent in the eyes of their leader, from CEO Lim Hong Jin to other leaders while showing us the space.


Mr. Song Jung Hong and some priceless books recorded  the entire endeavor for one best mutual workplace

Good deeds lasted long. Effortlessly, these values are shared amongst over 1500 employees. A worker isn’t a worker, but owning themselves a responsibility as quality controllers to ensure the mutual working place and further, the consistent quality that comes under the best dedicated verification. The effect happens to be acknowledged in the Office and Design Department. While the Office team cut down all artificial blocks to improve the transparency and communication quality; the Design team also renovated the formal set-up into an aesthetic space and an inspiring sample showroom. This workstation beneficially generates new ideas, supports the spark of new ideas, enhances positivity, and brings a sense of aesthetic to their design.

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Inspiring workplace of the Design team

These untold treasures build up a signature, which makes Savimex a 35-year success story development in many markets such as the US, Europe, Japan, and South Korea.

Furniture sparkles Savimex people vibe

Savimex’s people quality somehow is reflected via their furniture, all categories counted. Every single item is professionally manufactured under strict export standards, with constantly appealing creative design and eco-friendly concentration while providing great customer service. Throughout 35 years expert in the global market, Savimex is known for providing furniture solutions that both meet high requirements and offer satisfied affordability and efficiency.

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By 2020, The MoHo furniture brand has been established and contributed to uplift the extensive competency of Savimex Corporate. Executing by a group of nonstop striving people, Savimex and MoHo Furniture foster their portfolios year after year. Besides their strength in hospitality furniture, which is selected by many USA partners, Savimex and MoHo Furniture now offer fully furnished apartment packages, and a variety of modern furniture designs for living rooms, dining rooms, offices, and bedrooms.

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Various furniture items can be found at MoHo and Savimex Booth in the upcoming HawaExpo 2024  

Led by Denmark design director – Mr. Nicolai Lehn, MoHo furniture carries the modern minimalism, elegant look and a little joy within that make House a Home. Eyes on details, mind on price, their team is dedicated to making every inch of living space a worthy investment for all. According to Mr. Nicolai Lehn, the brand only uses materials that have environment-friendly certification such as FSC, and its products are compliant with the US’s CARB-P2 that ensures the air customers breathe is healthy and free from carcinogens that can harm them.

DSC06893 DSC06902

Eco-friendly materials for sustainable and healthy living is MoHo’s principle  

What to expect at HawaExpo 2024

Towards the HawaExpo 2024 – the biggest international export furniture fair in Vietnam by 6-9 March, Mr.Lim Hong Jin – Savimex CEO promises to  offer a versatile range of furniture styles, matching with current global economic status and diverse consumer preferences around the world.


Mr. Nicolai Lehn and Design team brainstorms for their presence at HawaExpo 2024

“Sharing the downfall of the global market, in the HawaExpo 2024 fair, our brand The MoHo will bring to the stage more items catering to different styles than last year, to ensure there is something for every taste and budget. Visiting our booth, buyers can experience in person all the latest collections, such as Grenaa – Ubeda and Narvik following trendy neutral furniture tones. Also, the new kitchen set and many samples have just been finalized to prepare for the show.”


Mr. Lim Hong Jin unveils a part of their new kitchen set, which will be available at HawaExpo 2024

Inherited from Savimex’s manufacturing legacy and benefiting from the Vietnam base, MoHo furniture will never let buyers down of their international standard quality but promises to be at a better price to share the current economic status.

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MoHo booth at HawaExpo 2023

It’s our invitation to come visit their booth in person at HawaExpo 2024 6-9 Mar.

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