Experienced in this market for 20 years, this brand quickly observes the vast capacity of Asia as a global rising manufacturing land. Since then, their decision to establish 2 giant factories in Asia, including Vietnam and expand to the end-to-end concierge service company has proven itself.

From the high-quality furniture brand

Classic and contemporary, this is the first impression that people quickly find at Allingham Home showroom. “Timeless design and finest elements are the centers that we keep holding while evolving forward” – Mrs. Nguyen Thi Cam Tu  – Sale Admin Manager added. While the classic vibe is preserved through the shape, the joint and every selective compound, the trendy factor has been depicted through the color and texture. “We have a great design team, who always keep their eyes on great designs, and proactively look for new styles and trends.” – Mrs. Cam Tu added.

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Classic and contemporary in Allingham Home design

Besides the impressive look, another spotlight is their passion for upholstery as a leading company. When it comes to fabrics, their creative team is truly nerds. Portraying themselves as scientists, these young talents enjoy testing, and pawing over overprints for the best eco-friendly, durable and fashionable upholstery as possible. Not to mention their international standards of quality control, which is cross-checked at each stage of production and is manufactured on form and function to ensure that all our furniture meets our high standards.

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Mrs. Cam Tu in Allingham Home Showroom, surrounding by many trendy upholstery

The in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process and their fashionable style keeps Allingham Home refreshing annually with a new range of sofas, occasional chairs, fine dining sets and case goods that capture client hearts quickly.

When you love the craftsmanship that goes into great furniture, you spend your days sourcing skilled artisans and meeting manufacturers who can confidently deliver on time.

To the full-service partner and solution provider

Taking full advantage of Vietnam’s centralized position and local utilization, matching in advance with the global demand, they foster their competency by reaching the next level with an enviable supply base across the Asian and African continents – where their roots belong.

Since then, besides the ability to export furniture design brands, Allingham Home has offered more by amazing business models. From the bespoke design order to final product delivery, from receiving exclusivity of manufacturing parts to helping the client test the waters with a low minimum on a new range, from generating samples at client’s showroom to testing customer response to a mixed container logistic solution,  every service can be found under 1 roof.

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An extensive network of credible Vietnamese and overseas suppliers is also another point for collaboration consideration This strength is even more important in the current chaotic economic scenarios as current.

What to wait at HawaExpo 2024

From 6-9/3/2024, at the largest export wood & furniture fair of Vietnam – HawaExpo, this leading upholstery and furniture manufacturer in Vietnam will participate with a very bold performance. 2024 latest collection, the latest unique products designed, and aesthetic booth design are all here to impress.

It’s our invitation to visit their booth and enjoy their great design and amazing services of Allingham Home in person at HawaExpo 2024 6-9 Mar.