How to Exhibit at Vietnam Furniture Fair: HawaExpo Steps and Tips for Success

Trade fairs like HawaExpo 2024 present pivotal opportunities for business expansion and networking. However, optimizing presence and building significant connections remain challenges for many. Our guide, “How to Exhibit at Vietnam Furniture Fair“, delivers critical steps to enhance your exhibition experience, particularly at premier events such as HawaExpo.

How to Exhibit at Vietnam Furniture Fair
How to Exhibit at Vietnam Furniture Fair

3 steps to prepare before participating in a Furniture Export Fair

Decide on the appropriate fair to participate in

Annually, there are hundreds of trade fairs spanning various industries and domains. Relevancy is a must to ensure the investment efficiency and aftermath. Hence, there are some criterias as below to support you score the perfect match. For instance, if your firm is engaged in the wood and wooden furniture domain, considering participation in HawaExpo 2024 – The Largest Nationally Endorsed Export Furniture Fair In Vietnam would be advisable.

This is a foundational step for your success. It’s imperative to consult various fair materials (catalogs, promotional discs about the fair, etc.). Engage with the event organizers to gather essential data such as the number of exhibitors, attendees, participating countries, and more. Most crucially, identify the target products you intend to showcase and display at the fair.

Decide on the appropriate fair – How to Exhibit at Vietnam Furniture Fair

Choose the available suitable booth/space

All fairs have different hall arrangements. Ensure you are at the right location. Based on the exhibition floor plan, pinpoint a booth or space that aligns with your brand’s requirements.

To help you find the ideal locations tailored to your requirements, at HawaExpo 2024: The Largest & National Endorsed Export Furniture Fair In Vietnam, explore the essence of the Vietnamese wood industry, presented through two distinct halls: Connect and Create Hall. Each hall offers a specialized experience, designed to highlight specific aspects of the industry

  • CONNECT HALL – A hub of Vietnam furniture’s entire supply chain
  • CREATE HALL – A hub of interior design & innovation
Choose the available suitable booth/space – How to Exhibit at Vietnam Furniture Fair

Develop a plan to participate in the fair before designing the booth

Once you’ve decided on the fair in which to participate, the next crucial step is to formulate your participation strategy. This is a vital task that aids exhibitors in efficiently organizing their efforts.

Register to participate in the furniture fair

Reach out to the Organizing Committee promptly to secure your participation in the fair: It is advisable to initiate contact with the organizing committee at least 8 months prior to the fair’s commencement. This lead time allows for thorough preparations and ensures that you have the necessary documentation and samples ready.

Depending on the specific fair, early registration may yield cost savings, as fair organizers often offer booth discounts and prioritize assigning prime booth locations, potentially reducing expenses.

At HawaExpo 2024, We are opening the booth/space registration.

Please give us your information (Company name, address, email, contact person, telephone, and product display). We will send you all necessary information for booth/space registration.

Explore further details regarding the registration process for HawaExpo 2024 furniture fair here

Plan the booth decoration

Kindly ensure the completion of booth decoration-related tasks well in advance, ideally 6-8 weeks prior to the fair. Early preparation will contribute to a smoother process, reduce stress for all parties involved, and prevent avoidable errors that may arise from time constraints.

Well-decorated and eye-catching booths are also contributing factors to the success of the fair. Large enterprises often hire their own booth designers. They choose suitable decorative materials to save costs.

At HawaExpo, exhibitors will have the opportunity to receive training and enhance their exhibition capabilities. This training program aims to help exhibitors optimize their experience at the exhibition, from managing their booths to interacting with customers and fostering business connections. This contributes to creating a complete and professional HawaExpo exhibition event, delivering maximum value to both exhibitors and visitors.

Plan the booth decoration – How to Exhibit at Vietnam Furniture Fair

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Thorough preparation is the cornerstone of a successful participation in a furniture fair. By carefully determining the right fair, planning booth decoration in advance, and understanding the organizer’s information, businesses can position themselves for maximum impact and success at these industry events.


With the “How to Exhibit at Vietnam Furniture Fair” guide in place, exhibitors can confidently navigate the world of furniture fairs, make meaningful connections, and showcase their products and services effectively.

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