Blooming divinely in HawaExpo 2024 space is an exquisite 300m2 wooden lotus, 100% made in Vietnam. This lotus-inspired wooden structure made by Trần Đức Corporation can be considered a masterpiece of art and construction, enough to make everyone feel a sense of awe while admiring its stunning beauty. Undoubtedly, this idea from scratch was “crazy” enough to take many down for 99 problems. Therefore, their phenomenal efforts, daring execution to nurture such an “unreal seed” into an extraordinarily lively lotus, made from 100% sustainable in-house materials truly deserved the Best Booths Award of HawaExpo 2024.

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A truly well-deserved award for Trần Đức Corporation đedication to excellence

3 tough questions are addressed successfully by Trần Đức Corporation: durability, 100% wooden sustainable materials, and art translation. All need to be done in the requested time. As the challenge lover, Trần Đức is in their game without hesitation. Firstly, to ensure the 180-degree curved dome shape of the blooming lotus, Glulam, also known as glued laminated timber, was selected. Due to its bending capacity of 80% in comparison with natural wood and the incredible flexibility increase, Glulam beams help them achieve this impressive bending dome. Secondly, to fully replace the traditional concrete  with equal-strength wooden materials, Trần Đức impressed visitors with their technical breakthrough CLT floor. It is also the first CLT floor in Vietnam and the pioneering CLT floor in Southeast Asia. More than a smart construction method, CLT floor debut is a firm claim to the global industry that Vietnamese companies are now able to take a further step in Green Architecture and Construction industry that meets international standards. Finally, eyes on details, meditative attention have perfected their art by the lotus-carved skylight and many aesthetic touches by high-class interior design sets. All questions were answered within 72 hours of installation, by the entire efforts of over 300 people of Trần Đức.

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72 hours of installation and over 300 people contribute to such a great construction work.

Sharing with us, Mr. Tran Duc Hieu – Vice Chairman of Trần Đức Corporation has added:

“Through our booth, there’s a lot of influence from Vietnamese culture, especially representing the lotus. The reason is not only because we are proud to be a Vietnamese company, but also because we want to prove that the leading solutions for the architecture, construction, and interior design industries that meet global standards can be fully achieved by Vietnamese people.

DSC05413Inside the giant wooden lotus made by Trần Đức Corporation

Vietnamese people have considered the lotus as a symbol of beauty overcoming darkness. So, more than techniques, Trần Đức Corporation’s unique Wooden Lotus has brought a promising start after the downfall of 2023 and envisions a new chapter for Vietnam’s Green Architecture and Construction Industry.


Thanks for making art and advancing our belief, together with HawaExpo 2024.

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