Spotted DooWood in Create Hall – the 1st Hall for Furniture Design & Innovation of HawaExpo 2024, a lovely aura sparkling from the union of many small pieces of wood-based items, coated in pastel color granted all passengers a ticket to the good old days, in the backyard neighbor kids. However, this first impression soon proved to be wrong. DooWood isn’t a toy brand, it’s a clever space-saving furniture solution that was born for small living spaces.

A size is not simply a random number

What do you think about 60*60cm?  A basic floor tile? A square? or A standard package behind Grab bike shipper? At DooWood, it’s a compact sofa set dimension. 

Watching Mr. Le Tan Minh – Founder of DooWood, also known as B+ Furniture Founder leisurely fill the blank space under the table with 4 seaters, feels like satisfying jigsaw puzzle solving. 5 items perfectly match into a 60*60cm lively cube, able to move in and move out within a carton box. The science behind this number 60*60cm allows this sofa set to fit through small spaces, doorways, and stairwells, and just by a motorbike. Not to mention every seater is also a storage box to maximize the available breathable space, which is rare to be found in the current metropolitan lifestyle.

Doowood 01

At DooWood, a seater isn’t itself anymore. It can be a storage box, a small table, or a lovely cube to beautify your living space (from DooWood fanpage) 

The more we are into DooWood’s world, the bigger surprise we have for acknowledging the hidden power of these small items. All are carefully produced to actualize the Founder’s ambition of creating a comprehensive solution for the majority of spaces in city life.

IMG 9900

Mr. Le Tan Minh – Founder of DooWood brand, proudly shares about his “second child” 

DooWood Brand – A “yes” for small living space

As we increasingly live in cities, tiny homes, micro-loft apartments are likely to become the norm. These current issues were soon recognized by  Mr. Tan Minh – who is a professional architecture cum furniture designer. Acknowledging that space optimization has become paramount to modern living, while B+ Furniture has covered the large-sized furniture line, he has always yearned for a compact solution to offer a better living experience whenever owners return home. By 2016, a question solved. DooWood brand was founded.

Doowood 02

A coat-hanger can be an accessory

Doowood 03

Jewelry, egg holder, or whatever tasks, this small cup can’t wait to surprise you

No matter the furniture or accessories, DooWood is an example of the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Born with a mission of improving urban living conditions for young people, all items are led by the “balance” concept focusing on 2 factors: Space-saving & Styling (Gọn – Có Gu) or in other words, “a multifunctional aesthetic product”- according to the founder. 

These focal points are symmetrically applied across all functions, from R&D to Logistics. All items meet the following criteria: easy to assemble, and transformative to ensure space enhancement ability. For example, a seater is also a hidden storage, a cute stand can turn into a basket or mini table. Notably, all sizes are well-studied, aiming to perfect multi-functionality, while simultaneously being able to ease the logistical pressure as 60*60cm sofaset’s mentioned-above advantages. This well-planned design allows DooWood items globally accessible via multiple means of transportation and by multiple trading channels such as local outlets or eCommerce platforms at just the basic shipping cost. Along with affordable prices, and a visually appealing look, DooWood promises to produce friendly solutions, which both calm this hustling pressure effortlessly and protect accommodative values effortlessly.

Doowood 04

Smart size makes DooWood Furniture transformative and space-optimized

Family-friendly furniture in style 

What else makes DooWood worthy of consideration? Their various choices are suitable for a wide age range. Up to now, many items have been launched, meeting the demands of all family members who are over 3 years old. They are made of certified wood, imported easy-to-clean fabrics, and manufactured under good quality assurance, whether in mass production or bespoke orders. In terms of style, DooWood will add a touch of a unisex contemporary vibe to wherever with its signature rounder-corner shape and various pastel tones. Hence, buyers will be worry-free about fulfilling members’ needs while enhancing aesthetics in a consistent modern style.

Doowood 05

Various choices for kindergarten kids to parents within DooWood store. 

Transforming a cramped place into a roomy joyful space with hardly any hassle is what people, whoever visited their outlets or mini showroom in HawaExpo 2024 simply admit. It might be cliche, but the quote: “Little thing called love” exactly transfers the wholeness of DooWood items. The “love” here might be found inside out, from its multifunctionality to the subtle modern look, like a solution that ensures every inch makes sense economically. 

At HawaExpo 2024, DooWood is a new profile catching impressive attention from global buyers. Making compact downtown living a little easier without compromising on style, DooWood is such a thoughtful companion for fixed-budget consumers.

IMG 9898

A cartoon DooWood family characters, created for friendly usage instruction and modern visuals that close a gap to the target audience

IMG 9908

An unisex, modern look can be found amongst DooWood items

Ready to get set for transformation, explore their lovely products via

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