“We never sell our Made-in-Vietnam handicrafts at a cheap price. Because, it’s the fair recognition of the traditional artwork made by the finest craftsmanship passing by generations, the wholehearted devotion of our artisans, and the global-standard supply chain to go export. ” – Mrs. Hong Quang – Founder of VietS earned our respect by this assertive sharing.

 From a personal desire to empower craftswomen

Long enough in this industry, we have ensured that AI started replacing a few jobs globally, but never artisans for their finest skills, soulful artistic expression, and as the custodians of intangible cultural tradition. However, this global recognition rarely shines bright on many indigenous craft women who bring lives to these kinds of products. Facing various family responsibilities, past gender stereotypes, and the low earnings from handicraft products for years, many craft women had to juggle several duties while moving to backbreaking agricultural work in addition to ensuring their status in the modern world.

Finding themselves deeply buried in thoughts of flourishing the rich tradition of Vietnam handicrafts to transform the living standard of these craftswomen, Mrs.Hong Quang and her husband Nguyen Le Phuong decided to be all-in for their new brand – Viet Source Handicraft, short name as VietS in 2005.

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 Mrs. Hong Quang – Founder of Viet Source Handicraft

Go global to grow local

Unlike the majority, VietS soon embraced entrepreneur ethics by pursuing their passion with sustainability strategy. However, it’s never “a piece of cake” to accomplish this social transformation mission in this field. Viewing from the macro lens, it’s noteworthy that Vietnam and a few countries that are reputed for their indigenous handicrafts, despite the fast-growing rate of manufacturing, all faced 3 big issues: A shortage of skilled laborers due to the low income, the input material source, and the output market. Turning challenges into opportunities, VietS took a further step, to transform business as a direct exporter and manufacturer. Thereby, the huge budget for other vendors will be cut down to increase the artisan’s income while offering better competitive prices for buyers. This decision boosted them to quickly establish their supply chain system from traditional villages, their sourcing area to in-house design teams,  logistics,  and beyond.

“At first, we focused on the traditional craft villages in the North and the West of Vietnam. But, the longer our journey is, the stronger our ambition is to be a direct manufacturer and exporter. This shortcut allows us to fully control quality from the village to the final destination, and operate the business sustainably. Due to serious research on soil, geography, and residential resources, we found grand potential in the Highland area. This mountainous area has favorable conditions to motivate us to develop a vertically integrated business model. Our investment started with a sustainable sourcing area and traditional village operated by skillful ethnic Khmer craftswomen.“ Mrs. Hong Quang proudly shares with us.

To meet global demands, VietS proactively jumped out of traditional applications by both catching up with global trends and developing their signature collections. By incorporating traditional craftsmanship techniques into contemporary creations based on targeted market insight, their charming products are highly desirable in international markets. If visiting their 400m2 showroom or 10.000m2 factory, international buyers can find various stylish, high-quality products that are 100% handmade, and fully certificated for exportation.  From natural raw materials like rattan, wicker-rattan, bamboo, seagrass, and palm leaves…, they can manufacture 3.000 SKUs from furniture items, home decor & accessories, kitchen & dining ware, and outdoor & garden products, personal accessories, and souvenirs. Talking about this brand, many buyers define VietS products by its fusion of progressive design and craftsmanship excellence, aesthetic expression, and great service quality.

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VietS constantly launches new collections to upgrade its profile to overseas buyers.

“We are very lucky to have talented craftwomen. Despite their disadvantage in education access or language barrier, these ethnic minority women have shown great abitity in adapting new trends, mastering new patterns; even many difficult bespoke orders.” – the founder proudly said.

A 2-decades journey speaks for itself

After nearly 20 years of journey implementing their sustainable strategy, maintaining their quality commitment under a single-minded mission: Go global to grow local, VietS has achieved its own deserved success. As a professional made-in-Vietnam trusted partner, their products are now available in more than 20  countries, owning 2 sourcing areas, revitalizing 2 traditional villages, and offering better incomes to hundered staff. Leaving behind all untold struggles, their biggest reward is to witness their craftwomen celebrating their lives.

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VietS promotes made-in-Vietnam handicraft products in Ambiente 2024 – a leading exhibition fair on consumer goods and gifts in the world.

“The sustainable expansion of VietS allows us to support national handicraft heritage earn its global appreciation, also empower ethnic on a daily basis based on their labour. Even during the downfall of the global economy, VietS is able to maintain the same benefits for our people. During the most current visit to our craft village, I still remember the bright smile with a bit of shyness of a Khmer woman when seeing her product now displayed in Germany. More than the surprise, it’s her inner pride blooming within. After years moving forward, their better financial well-being and the growing confidence motivate us to keep our mission straight.”

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More than 3,000 SKUs of VietS have been exported worldwide

Mrs Hong Quang expressed her belief in the future of Vietnam’s handicraft industry under the firming expansive and diverse supplier landscape. However, as this traditional craft is still at risk of disappearing as modernization and globalization take hold, she emphasized the responsibilities of export businesses in the preservation of this cultural identity and leaving a lasting positive impact with every move.

Regarding the special nature of Handicrafts, entrepreneurs play a crucial role in maintaining deep-rooted knowledge and skills through generations, ensuring the continuity of national traditional pride, and fostering economic empowerment while improving cross-cultural understanding. The pure dedication of such businesses as VietS set the light on the current gloomy industrial painting. Like the handicraft products themselves, not the outer glowing but the soul connection and national story passed down through generations shine timelessly. We hope VietS’s true story is an inspirational source to keep motivated those like-minded businesses.


It’s our invitation to visit their booth and enjoy their charming handicraft products in person at HawaExpo 2024 6-9 Mar.