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SECC - Tent C2 - Hinoki Street - CH52, CH54

Key export markets: China, Middle East, Vietnam

Key Products: Sawn timber KD & Logs

Main material: Spruce-Pine-FIR, Pine

Production facilities (m2): 190 000 m3

Number of employees: 220

MOQ (minimum order quantity): 5 containers

Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IOS 45001

The production unitary enterprise Vitebsk Sawmill was founded in 2003 on the outskirts of Vitebsk. One of the largest producers and exporters of sawn timber from conifers in Belarus. Products – more than 150 different sections of environmentally friendly lumber, wood chips, and sawdust. We work in the markets of Belarus, Middle East, Central Asia and Far East countries. More than 90 % of the products are exported.

Company Information:

Address: 14 Bazovaya Street, 210034, Horad Vitsyebsk, Vitsyebsk, Belarus

Factory address: 14 Bazovaya Street, 210034, Vitebsk

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +375295174495