Hall A1 - Hinoki Street - A03-04

Key export markets: Vietnam

Main material: Others

Production facilities (m2): 1

Number of employees: 20

Capacity of factory (containers / month): 1

MOQ (minimum order quantity): 1

Certificates: Others

Established since 2003, we are a professional supplier of CAD / CAM solutions for industries such as apparel, fashion, backpacks, handbags and sofa furniture. In order to bring smart technology closer to users in the Vietnamese market and worldwide, CSP has worked with a wide range of distributors globally, including Optitex, Thagora, Bullmer, Idigit, Ruizhou, Graphtec, TKT Brainpower, and ATP. With practical experience in the industry – valuable knowledge & technology that we have worked with, learned, researched and accumulated over the past decade from world-famous CAD / CAM firms. Our goal is to bring customers the most advanced and effective technology solutions to meet production needs, increase productivity, improve quality & lower product costs, thereby enhancing competitiveness for our customer business.

Company Information:

Address: 3rd Floor, LTA Building, 15 Dong Da, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Email: [email protected]

Phone: [email protected]