White Palace - Hall A - Acacia Street - AA115- AA131, AP78-AP88

Key export markets: Australia, Malaysia, Middle East, South Korean, Taiwan, Vietnam

Key Products: High Pressure Laminate

Main material: Laminate

Production facilities (m2): NIL

Number of employees: 30

MOQ (minimum order quantity): NIL

Certificates: Others

Catalyste is international portfolio of leading interior surfaces brands, we endeavour to forge deep partnerships with other brands and companies to connect the dots between market expectations and surface solutions that transcend time and trends. A sense of daring is important to us, and we delve readily into new markets to expand our sales network and drive industry transformation. We evolve traditional approaches through innovative strategies, yet remain rooted in our core values of integrity, sincerity and creative ingenuity. We are CATALYSTE, and we venture “Beyond Surfaces”.
Brands: Lamitak, O2+, Metal Laminate Dekodur Distil

Company Information:

Address: #01-20 Vertex Singapore 408868

Factory address: NIL

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +6569826220