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Sourcing can be the biggest challenge to businesses’ bottom line or their biggest opportunity for savings. Within the framework of OSB programs at HawaExpo 2023, buyers can get the best in product category, industry insights and innovation right at the show to enjoy significant efficiencies and savings.

Our network and experience are of the 5 largest wood associations in Vietnam with some of the leading influencers inside and outside country, allowing us to have a strong connection to find a great deal of products and bring extensive manufactures to all buyers, adapting all demands over the world. We have nearly 300 exhibitors who are the reputable brands and over 1000 members who have the best practice in wood and furniture industry.

Buyers can start with defining the type of manufacturer that they are looking for, or give us their needs such as materials, product lines, and the purchasing volume so we can check and introduce the short-listed companies for them. Furthermore, all exhibitors are now available on which is the online exhibition to display their illustrations called mini-site. It is convenient to select a date or you can contact us to setup the physical meeting at Buyer Lounge as well as having a mild trip to their booth. This way we try to optimize the communication between you and manufactures.

What we offer:

  • Provide on-hand the list of manufacturer profiles and their featured products to understand their core capacities
  • Easy to access their information via virtual platform and book prior appointment before 1 month of opening HawaExpo
  • Have a reliable relationship and face-to-face to the factory
  • Help to make better, more informed decisions

Main steps in the sourcing support process:

  • Step 1: Record demand: Buyers fill in their need to find suppliers at the link before January 15, 2023
  • Step 2: Sort, filter information & connect suitable businesses: Buyers will receive a list of factories according to their needs with a link to the business information page at Hopefairs.
  • Step 3: Make an appointment: Buyers will book an appointment with the factory on the online booking tool on Hopefairs.
  • Step 4: Trade connection: Buyers & factories will meet at the factory’s fair booth according to the schedule or at the buyer lounge area.

Participant: Only for Buyers (Free of charge)

Our Advisor:

  • Mr Dang Minh Lanh – Sourcing Expert (Founder & Director of New Golden Bridge Co., Ltd) – having 20 year experience in Furniture Industry, especially in interior furniture. He currently leads his private company in HCMC, focusing on hospitality furniture in Viet Nam & Abroad

Our Networks: the 5 largest wood associations in Vietnam with some of the leading influencers inside and outside country

Please kindly register in advance to get the better service. Should you need further information and registration form, please contact Ms Tuyet: +84 989707936

More information about Buyer Programs, please contact Hotline: +84 866627710 or send an email to [email protected]